Everyone involved in Pallas Kiteweek is truly passionate about kiting and about Pallas. We have been coming back year after year and we hope you will experience Pallas the same way as we do!

Our team

Harri Rautava

Harri Rautava

the guy whose name is most frequently spoken

Harri is the man behind the show. With Kiteschool Lappis his life has been around wind, water and snow since 2012.

Harri Rautava

Petri Sandström

Wizard of many

Whenever Petri gets an idea you know it's not gonna be done half-ass. Most of the fun stuff around the after skite is either invented or perfected by Petri!

Harri Rautava

Mikko Toivonen

Where there is action there is Mikko

Mikko might be slow to wake up but once he is up there is no stopping him! If you propose pretty much any challenge, competition, event or a race Mikko will most definitely be there. At Pallas, he is having fun with the Pallas Gnar photo competition and the Pub Quiz!

Harri Rautava

Tomi Tähti


For sure you have seen all the cool pictures at our website. Most of them are shot by Tomi. If you see a dude wandering around Pallas with a camera just go and say hi - and maybe you have the coolest Instagram shot to take with you!

Harri Rautava

Tapani Smått


Go hard and fly HIGH! That's what the monkey is all about. I bet most of the time people watching him ride are more scared than the man himself! If you are having kite lessons during your stay in Pallas, chances are high that Tapani will teach you at some point. Otherwise you will meet him at the hotel for sure!

Harri Rautava

Kepu Alila

Local hero

When we talk about local knowledge there aren't many people who know the area as well as Kepu does. He has done it all in pretty much all conditions. Have a chat with him and maybe you find the best location for your next session!

Harri Rautava

Timo Kesti

Mountain guide

Timo is very experienced in outdoor activities. Ski touring, fatbiking, exploring with snowshoes that's Timos world. And duration doesn't mean much, he can stay out from a few hours to a few weeks!

Harri Rautava

Mika Björkman


Mika truly is a multitalented outdoor professional. During the summer or winter, water or snow, good or bad weather, I don't think there is much where Mika doesn't feel like home!

Harri Rautava

Armas Rusanen

Kite instructor

During winter Armas lives up in Lapland and during summer you can find him kiting in Yyteri. Amazing dude who truly has a passion for staying outdoor and living it to the fullest!