Aurora hunting with snowshoes

After dinner, we will head out through the forest up to the mountains where we have absolutely zero light pollution and with some luck change to experience some of the most amazing northern lights (aurora borealis). Even if we strike out with northern lights walking in the dark and quiet wilderness is an experience of a lifetime! Before heading back we stop by at a hut to drink some hot chocolate.

Duration: approx 2 hours. Price: 50€/person including snowshoes, sausages and hot chocolate.






Fatbike on snow

With special bikes equipped with FAT wheels we can actually cycle on snow! With the bikes we can cover some nice distance and experience nature to the fullest. During the trip, we stop by at a hut to grill some sausages before heading back.

Duration aprox. 2 hours. Price 65€/person






night in the wilderness

Deep in the national park, there are these huts that are equipped with the bare minimums. No electricity, no running water, bad cell phone connection so in modern life terms it has nothing and for that reason it has absolutely everything! Approximately 2½ hour hike is required to get there and we need to carry everything we need with us. Snowshoes, sleeping bags and food is provided by us.

Duration overnight. Price 125€/person






Professional guide

This year Timo Kesti joins our team as a guide on all the no wind activities. Timo has over a decade of experience in guiding fat biking, long-distance winter safaris and snowshoeing. If you are interested you will learn a lot from Timo during your adventures. But most importantly Timo will guide you safely through the terrains around Pallas.