Looking to explore Lapland with a kite?

Are you running a kite school, travel agency or maybe a club where you could gather a group? Or just traveling with your friends or family and looking to experience something new?

On top of our regular kitecamps, we can host custom snowkite trips to Lapland for your group (big or small). On top of accommodation and general help, we can provide close to everything Lapland has to offer from overnight trips to the wilderness to husky safaris and snowshoe adventures.

Unique and different

We all love to kite in turquoise flat water on a white sandy beach, but when you are looking at your bucket list snowkiting on empty mountains is definitely there (or if it wasn't now it is!). Finnish Lapland is simply the perfect location for snowkiting. The round shape of our mountains make them very accessible and in Pallas as the valley is above tree level you can actually kite from mountain to mountain without having to land your kite in between.

Stay together with your group

Pallas is located in the middle of a national park. There is one old hotel with a special atmosphere and that's it. The beauty is that everyone stays together as there are no night clubs or restaurants to run to. We like to say that Pallas has nothing and because of that it has everything!



Pallas hotel is one of the oldest ski resort hotels in Finland due to restrictions in the national park. And to be honest we would not want to have it in any other way. It's not too big, it has this cabin-like atmosphere where you really get to relax and away from the hectic life.

All you need

Accommodation at our camps always includes breakfast and dinner. And they are good ones! On top of that all you need is some small snack to the hills and a few beverages to enjoy after the sauna.


We offer good collaboration models with schools, shops, clubs, groups and travel agencys. Contact us for further details!