The landscape is like someone has designed it for kiting!

Fly HIIIIGH above the fjells!

Powder runs of Pallas

Nothing beats the dinner of Pallas after a long day up on the fjells

Talonpoika Lalli in ACTION!

Pallas GNAR in action

After session stoke!

Jump above the clouds

Jump off a building


Hilla the snowkite dog

hilla the snowkite dog


snowmonster snowkite pallas kiteweek

Northern lights as seen 200m behind the hotel

Morning light coming down to the hills

This is Pallas

Feelings after a good session!

This is what its all about

At the hotel you have gear service facilities at your disposal

One year we hosted long distance snowkite world cup in Pallas

Snowkiter heading up to the spots

Did you know that these huts are open for anyone…for free!

Mountain after mountain waiting for you

Cleanest nature in the world

Head out to the fjells

This is something you cannot get enough!

Checking the best pics of the day


One moment its sunny next its dumping

Looking for some freestyle action? Build a kicker and start ripping!

All the mountains for yourself

Take a moment…or few

Mountain safety lessons

Lake Jeris a playground for freestyle

Eat powder!

Happy days

Dare to take a dip in the ice hole?

Ungrowded and unspoiled. That´s what Pallas is all about.

Fly high around the mountains

Sunset hard to beat

First meters behind a kite

Explore the endless snowkite terrain

Snow yoga?

#ohbummer :)

Afterkite streching

All your friends (new and old) together

Aurora Borealis aka northern lights

Pallas Kiteweek 2016 by Aija Ambrasa

Pallas Kiteweek 2015

Pallas Springcamp 2017

Fly above the mountains

Mountain safety lessons

Riders of the storm!

New to the sport?

Ready to FLY!?

Take a moment and breath


Snowkiter Shredding the Slopes!