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Kiteable days

What is Pallas Kiteweek?


Pallas is one of the oldest ski resorts in Finland and has been active since 1938. Snowkiters found Pallas around early 2000 and our first kite event was held in already 2013.


Pallas is located high above the arctic circle in the middle of Ylläs- Pallas national park. Untouched and uncrowded yet still easily accessible.


Pallas has the perfect terrain for snowkiting. Mountains have mellow shapes making them very accessible with a kite. You can tour around 9 mountaintops without having to land your kite.

How to get to Pallas

Excellent flight connections

Closest airport is Kittilä (KTT). During winter months there are several direct flights and when transferring from Helsinki (HEL) you have multiple flights coming in every day.

Airport Shuttle or rental car

From Kittilä airport you can order an airport shuttle that will take you to Pallas. If you want to explore Lapland during your stay there are several rental car companies at the airport with reasonable costs.


Pallas is located 71 kilometers from Kittilä airport. By car, this will take you 1 hour. The road is good and there is very little traffic.



Many times people have asked me do I like snowkiting more than kitesurfing. Even though kiting in the water is one of the best things to do, I have to admit that a good day up in Pallas is impossible to beat. The terrain is simply perfect and landscape something you never get tired off. Endless mellow mountains invite you to explore them while you are being pulled by the cleanest wind in the world. 


There are many mountains in Finnish Lapland, but what makes Pallas different is, firstly the fact that the valleys are located above tree level, that means you can kite from one hill to another without having to land your kite. When the winds are favorable you can tour 9 hills without stopping at all! Secondly, Pallas is in the middle of Pallas - Ylläs national park. Because of that, the mountains are empty and fully accessible to kiters. No more than two ski lifts on one of the 9 hills, no roads, no buildings no nothing! Only a random reindeer might come to say hi.

Other Lapland activities

Even though days without wind are very rare in Pallas you might want to experience Lapland in more ways than just kiting. For that there is no other place like Pallas. Far away from all the other noisy snow tourism resorts, you get to experience the quietness. Grab a pair of snowshoes and wander in the forest, jump on a fatbike or just head out to a nearby hut with some hot chocolate and sausages. You can even hike out to a hut deep inside the national park and spend the night there. For all these activities we also offer guided services so you can get the most out of your stay in Lapland.

Week filled with friends

Some of them you just haven't met yet 🙂

Pallas Kiteweek is all about staying together and sharing the passion for wind, snow and the mountains. It does not matter what seat you take at the breakfast or dinner table or who you meet in the hallway. Start to speak about the wind and it is guaranteed that you will get a big smile in exchange!

In the evenings we have a lot of things going on like mountain safety lessons, stretching sessions, the Pallas Gnar photo competition, harness party and evenings in the nearby huts.

The overall atmosphere is hard to describe, you have to come and experience it yourself!


This is really why we are here! The cleanest, most quiet and serene location you can find from the World! The Ylläs - Pallas national park is government protected area where you only have the small hotel, two ski lifts on one hill and that's it! The line of hills starts from the hotel and goes 50km up north offering you nothing more than itself! You don't need to walk far from the hotel to find yourself in place all to yourself without any noise what so ever.

In the evenings Pallas is the place to hunt the northern lights. Due to very few lights outside the light pollution is down to a minimum and changes of seeing the northern lights is very high.