The best way to wrap your snowkiting season

Where Pallas Kiteweek starts the snowkiting season in the mountains the Spring Camp finishes it.




This time the days are long and getting warmer. Just the thing you need before putting on your wetsuit and jumping into the new summer season. Spring Camp in Pallas is a laid back week of snowkiting and enjoying nature with a group of like-minded people.

Laidback week in the mountains








During Spring Camp the days are long and there is absolutely no rush. You can take a moment (or few) to chill out or goof around in the snow. Actually even after dinner, you will have plenty of time to hit the mountains as it doesn't get dark before 10 pm.



World class snowkiting




Spring is the most amazing time to explore the mountains. Take your snowshoes, splitboard or randogear (or rent some) and head out to the backcountry and you will be blown away on the endless terrain waiting to be explored.

Will you take the challenge to explore all 9 tops possible to reach on one session? 




Relax and refresh





Amazing breakfast, day out on the snow, dinner, sauna, dip in the ice hole and an evening in the nearby hut on some fire is what fills the day. No rush, no stress so perfect place to relax and reload your batteries.

Pricelist and Extras will be announced later